Luke Worth

Managing Partner – BCom, CA, CTA, DipFP

Brett Quinn

Partner – BBus, FCA

Kaye Lawson

Partner – BAcc, CA

Lionel Madden

Partner – BAcc, CA, DipFP

Krystal Blyth

Partner – Bacc, CA


John Murphy

Jenny Story

Accounting Team

At Connole Carlisle we have a broad range of accountants made of up of trainees or graduates through to associate accountants. Each member of this team has different and complimentary skills. And, each of these accountants can be trusted to provide advice on any number of projects.

The accountants in this team, often collaborate with our Partners to help nurture the skills of the up-and-coming accountant. While each Partner does have some niche specialties or interests, they also service clients from a wide range of industries. So, having these multiple touch points allows the newer accountants to develop their skills and interests for a particularly accounting practice.

Every accountant at Connole Carlisle, from our Partners through to our trainees, practices regular accounting skills. These services include bookkeeping, preparation and lodgement of financial statements and tax returns, auditing and much more.

Client Services Team

There is a common idiom shared amongst office workers: “treat the admin staff well, and office life will be easier”. This sentiment is especially true at Connole Carlisle.

Our Client Services Team do far more than the average ‘admin’ team. This is why they have a unique title. ‘Client Services’ encompasses tasks from answering phones to preparing clients’ work at tax time. With such a wide variety of tasks, we felt that an equally unique title was needed to reflect the value of the teams’ contribution to the office.

Each member of our Client Services Team has been with Connole Carlisle for a number of years. Aside, from the team Manager, no one team member has a singular role. Instead, the workload is shared amongst the team, ensuring that each member is given the opportunity to learn and grow in their skillset and confidence. As the members learn more about accounting, they are given opportunities to provide client advice and help with basic enquiries.

It is not uncommon for members of our Client Services Team to further their career by studying accounting. Our Accountants, Associates and Partners nurture this ambition and offer assistance wherever possible. This is our way of ensuring the continued legacy of quality accountants at Connole Carlisle.