We’ve received notice from QBO, that they are changing payroll pricing from 1 April. Below are the details.

Unfortunately free payroll is ending.

QuickBooks is no longer supporting free payroll in your QuickBooks Online plan. From 1 April, QuickBooks will charge an additional fee for every employee you pay. Plus, if you use Advanced Payroll, there will be an additional monthly fee.

New QuickBooks Payroll retail prices

Payroll Plan Cost per employee paid
Standard Payroll $5 per month

Our QBO partner pricing

Connole Carlisle is able to offer special pricing to our clients who are included in our wholesale billing program. Our special pricing is as follows:

Payroll Plan Cost per employee paid
Standard Payroll $3.50 per month

This will be billed to you on a quarterly basis (in arrears). You will continue to be billed on an annual basis for your QBO subscription. This is usually in July each year.

Please contact us should you have any questions.

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