Phoenix Financials Pro goes one step further than other cashbook & financial management programs. It shows more than `what happened` in a season, but also provides insight into ‘how & why it happened’.

Financials Pro is a greatly enhanced version of the Phoenix Financials program. It produces more detailed reports on an Enterprise basis with the ability to specify any seasons irrespective of the length of time they cover.

Financials Pro was designed specifically for agriculture, combining the financial data with additional farm physical data to produce Financials Pro reports. The reports provide indicators of both financial & production performance for a number of farming operations.

Assessing the Health of your Farming Enterprise

Phoenix Financials Pro produces valuable Key Performance Indicators that give you the basis to make meaningful decisions about the performance of your farming or grazing enterprise as an efficient business entity. It produces indicators of both financial and physical performance for numerous farming activity types. What you can measure you can manage.

A wide range of customisable reports are available to define accounts, enterprises, seasons, time frames, cost types (fixed & variable) along with many more.

  • Cost/Income Analysis Reports
  • Gross Margin Calculation Reports
  • Enterprise Evaluation Reports
  • Trading Analysis & Summary Reports
  • Seasonal Profitability Reports
  • Quantities of Cost Items
  • Produce Sale Quantities Reports
  • Profitability Analysis Reports including Earning Capacity & Financial Stability
  • Value of Crops Grazed
  • Livestock Trading Accounts

Comparative Analysis and Phoenix Financials Pro

How efficient are your farming practices compared to others, both locally and in other region?

Phoenix Gateway Pro gives you the ability to take advantage of Comparative Analysis projects and groups. Completely confidential rankings on a wide variety of cost & income figures and Gross Margin results over a range of seasons are facilitated by many farm consultants and government departments.

  • Do I use more herbicide than the average farmer in my area?
  • How does my fuel consumption and fertiliser costs stack up against the top producers?
  • Are the yields and sale prices comparable to the regional average?
  • This comparison may indicate that a 10% increase in a particular production cost could result in an 18% increase in yield.
  • My yields are on a par with others in the area but my gross margin is 14% below average! Why?
  • Are my lambing and calving percentages in line with the expectations?
  • In this area what breed has the highest weight gain on oats and what is the optimum live weight to turn them off?
  • This can give you a new insight into how to make the most of every cent you spend on crop or livestock production.